Beach Weddings – What to Wear


For many women choosing that perfect wedding dress is one of the most important decisions they will have to make and there are certainly a lot of criteria to meet. If you are planning on having a beach wedding then a number of additional decisions must be made.

One of the first things you must consider is heat. A beach wedding is, hopefully, going to be hot and so your dress must accommodate for this. If you want to stay as cool as possible then you could opt for a short, strappy dress coupled with a pair of elegant, lightly decorated flip flops. For a classic beach look you could wear fresh flowers in your hair.

Wedding and party place decoration with lamps and garlands

If you would prefer to keep your legs covered then you could always opt for a maxi dress; the styles of these types of dresses lend themselves perfectly to a beach environment.

If the wedding is taking place in the evening, or will continue into the early evening, then take a shawl with you to take the chill off.

Whichever dress you go for, the most important thing that matters is that you look and feel like a million dollars.


A beach wedding is completely different from the more traditional weddings which typically tend to take place indoors. Therefore outfits should be altered to take this into accommodation and the Groom’s outfit is no exception.

It is important for the Groom to dress comfortably and lightly:

a tweed jacket is not really the outfit of choice for a beach wedding! Suit trousers can be wore coupled with a smart shirt. If it is quite hot then you could leave the top couple of buttons undone (best not too if you have masses of chest hair!).

If possible, and sticking with tradition, pin a fresh flower onto your shirt: choose one that matches either your Bride’s bouquet or the flowers in her hair.


Beach weddings tend to be more informal and as such your outfit can be a little more chilled than normal. However, it should still be smart so try not to turn up in a Hawaiian style shirt, flip flops and shorts; unless approved by the wedding party beforehand!

It is important that you take the weather into consideration when planning your outfit. Female guests can take advantage of the (hopefully!) gorgeous weather and wear maxi dresses or shorter summer dresses. When it comes to choosing footwear, it is probably advisable to stay away from silhouettes and choose shoes that will be suitable for walking on sand or you may find yourself sinking!

Male guests could opt for suit trousers or even linen trousers which are cooler if the weather is quite hot and still look smart. Typically speaking, due to the informal approach of beach weddings, men do not need to wear ties and so a shirt is perfectly acceptable.

Holding a wedding on a beach is a great idea, especially if the sun is shining, and allows for a more informal wedding. Just remember to take plenty of suncream!

The Perfect Wedding Vendor

If you were going to identify the perfect wedding vendor, what qualities would you require? When it’s time to plan a wedding, every bride and groom wants their special event to be a perfect celebration. It’s the vendors that are chosen which will largely determine the perfection of your day. When it’s time to the choose wedding hall and to settle on wedding catering in Berlin, NJ, keep your ideal of perfection in mind and never settle for less.

Working with vendors is an art form in many ways. It requires research, evaluation, meetings and the ability to discern whether a vendor is able to meet quality standards. The perfection of many weddings has been ruined because of poor vendor services. The band fails to show up or the food tastes like cardboard or the flowers that are delivered are not what you ordered.

The flower, food and music vendors are integral to the perfect wedding. Food especially plays an important role because our culture uses food as a means of bringing people together. Food is used for all celebrations including parties, graduations and weddings.

Good Food With Good Service

Wedding catering in Berlin, NJ needs to meet certain standards for two reasons. First, it’s your special day and you don’t want people remembering it for food that was not served or food that was inedible. Second, you want your guests to enjoy themselves and serving good food with good service promotes the celebratory spirit.

Romantic wedding ceremony

How do you find the perfect company offering wedding catering in Berlin, NJ? There are steps you can take to make sure the vendor choice is the right one. Doing some research can save a lot of heartache and help you identify the vendor who will help turn you wedding into the perfect event. Following are some ideas that you can use to evaluate the wedding caterer in Berlin, NJ.

1. Verify the vendor has a good reputation and is in good standing with the Better Business Bureau and the state attorney general’s office

2. Check references the caterer provides and ask the questions that will give you the assurance your event priorities will be met.

3. Verify the caterer has all required licenses and permits.

4. Before signing any contracts, check closely to make sure all details are included. The details include the number of meals to be served, the number of people who will act as servers, the details of the food to be served, the hours of service that will be supplied and the cleanup responsibilities.

5. Make sure you question and understand all of the caterer’s policies. For example, does the caterer have minimum meal requirements in terms of number of meals served and how much will you be charged if you don’t meet the minimum.

6. Make sure there is a clear understanding as to what is provided by wedding catering in Berlin, NJ besides the food. Then check that you approve of the dishes, glassware and other table supplies.

7. Verify the caterer is experienced. Ask for sample menus and a taste test. That is one sure way to know that you are getting the type of food cooked the way you want it for your wedding event.

The caterer plays an important role at any wedding. Selecting the right service providing wedding catering in Berlin, NJ is a critical step. By taking the time to verify the caterer is experienced, reliable and able to meet your needs, you are taking a big step towards a perfect wedding.

Table setting for an event party or wedding reception at the beach

The Benefits of Using Lashem Eye Gel before your Wedding

At around the six week mark, brides should begin the beauty regimen that will take them to the wedding day.  This can include rituals such as ensuring that a cleanser is being used that works well with her skin type and prevents blemishes. She should also start to use a natural eyelash growth formula, so that eyelashes can grow naturally, and fake lashes do not have to be applied for photos.  Fake lashes can fall off, and any bride knows that she doesn’t need to worry about that disaster, in addition to all of the other stressful factors, that may be going on around her.

One beauty tip that is commonly overlooked is the need for an eye gel to minimize puffiness and dark circles around the eyes.  Let’s face it; brides undergo a lot of stress in the days and weeks leading up to the wedding.  Every woman who has been married knows well enough that there is going to be at least one disaster right before the wedding, which will cause the bride-to-be to lose some sleep.

An eye gel such as Lashem’s 3-in-1 Eye Bright will help to eliminate the evidence of stress and lost sleep.  Even if the bride never does catch up on her beauty rest before the big day, everyone will at least think that she has!

The Benefits of 3-in-1 Eye Bright

•Reduces Puffiness

•Reduces Dark Circles

•QuSome patented technology encapsulates active ingredients deep into the epidermis

•Prevents Future Damage

•No Skin Irritation

•Balances Cells

•Improves Overall Texture of Skin

•Promotes the Production of Collagen and Elasticity

•Reduces Fine Lines and Wrinkles

These benefits will surely help any bride to look and feel her best on the day that is filled with every person she knows, more pictures than she has ever taken, and the pressure to pull it off with grace and charm.

Other “Must-Have” Cosmetics in a Bridal Beauty Care Regimen

Bride and groom hugging on the beach standing in the sea water

Brides-to-be should also consider adding Measurable Difference Lash Gel into their beauty care regimen four to six weeks before the wedding.  The lash gel works toward naturally growing eyelashes and repairing any damage that has caused the lashes to become short or brittle.

Picture Perfect Anti-Wrinkle Cream can give the face a natural lift, brighten the skin and fill in any fine lines and wrinkles.  This product assists with feeling great and being picture ready for the wedding.

Double Trouble Mascara can be used in combination with any of these cosmetics.  The mascara is dual sided for adding volume and length.  This, in combination with the other Lashem products, will have a bride feeling and looking relaxed.  She will achieve long lashes, a bright and clear complexion, and no dark circles or puffiness around the eyes.  Start this regimen four to six weeks before the wedding for the best results.

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