How to Burn Away Excessive Fats Fast Tips to Help You Lose Weight Naturally


There are very few people who are aware that, to lose weight; the first step is to burn away the excessive fats fast in your body. Have you tried various methods to burn away excessive fats fast, and still, it is like you are going round in circles, since you are achieving nothing? In this article, i will discuss with you a few tips to get rid of those fats.

Before i proceed, i would like to warn you to avoid fad dieting which most people have turned into. Unfortunately, they never work. They will end up slowing your metabolism, which means, that it will take a very long time to lose weight, if you are very lucky. My friend, i never believe in luck, my goal is effectiveness and focus on what is known to work from the word go.

As i told you earlier, focus in losing fat, and in the end, you will lose weight. What is crucial is to find a way of increasing your rate of metabolism in a very natural way, forget about those dieting pills and the like.

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To burn away excessive fats fast, here below are some important tips:

Eating Often:

You need to feed more frequently over the day, for instance every 3 hours, 6 small healthy meals daily would be adequate.

Drink Green Tea:

Take one to two cups of green tea on daily bases. It helps speed up burning fat.

Drink Cold Water:

You know very well that water is very important element for your body health. It helps in removing toxins from your body system. I know you are questioning yourself, why then cold water? Cold water or ice water will increase the rate of metabolism, hence burning more fats. It is something rarely known by most of the people. So, have it and preach it to your fellow family and friends if you care for them. Who does not care for families or people we love.

Sleeping Enough:

Due to change in life style, you find yourself always in a hurry, such that you sleep late and wake up early, which reduces the numbers of hours you need to sleep. You need at least seven hours of rest which will help you increase your body metabolism. Essentially, you will burn more calories while you are sleeping.

Weight Resistance Training:

In this case, i refer to high intensity resistance training. This could be a mix of weight lifting and cardio. What this one does; it builds strong muscles which will help you burn more calories even when you are asleep. More muscles, more calories get burnt.

So if you follow the 5 tips mentioned above, the fact that you are looking into burning excessive fats fast, the end result benefits you in losing a lot weight. I cannot emphasize enough about weight lose. Most of the common diseases well known, like heart attack, hypertension and diabetes among others, are due to obesity or rather unmanageable weight, which is due to fats in your body.

Causes of Overweight Learn About the 3 Causes of Overweight

Do you know that aside from eating more and burning less, there are many other causes of over weight? These include nutritional, sedentary, and genetics causes. Read on and explore each of these causes.

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1. Nutritional Causes of Overweight

It s not hard to explain and understand how many people gain weight and become fat. We eat more but we burn less. Refined grains, added sugars, and sweeteners are just some of the types of carbs we consume more, not to mention our too much consumption of unhealthy fats like Trans fats and animal fats, and whether we like it or not, these are the types of foods you should eat when you want to gain weight and become fat.

One of the causes of overweight is eating too much and based on some surveys, half of our food spending goes to the meals we have outside. It may sound unbelievable and it may hard to explain that our calorie consumption is greater when eat in fast foods and restaurants. Additionally, the consumption of healthy foods like fruits, vegetables and milk is lesser outside.

2. Sedentary Causes of Overweight

You don’t only gain weight because of consuming a big amount of calories but also because you don’t move often. Obviously, one major reason for a sedentary lifestyle is spending too much time using computers and watching television. One fourth of the world s population is said to have very little time doing physical activities.

According to research and studies on health and nutrition, effective weight loss is possible by eating less and exercising more. Thus, in order to have an ideal weight, we should all move more and engage in a more active lifestyle.

3. Genetic Causes of Overweight

Family history or genetics is one of the most important factors why a person becomes overweight and eventually obese. According to a scientific study, 70 of the body weight is determined by inheritance and genetics. For example, adopted or foster children have more possibility of resembling the body built and weigh of their original parents than that of those who adopted them. However, no scientific studies have found out how the genes can have an effect on the weight of a person but they have determined that the use of metabolic energy after a meal is 70 genetic and biological.

Consumption of food, the choices of food we eat, as well as how we feel after eating may be partially genetic. Nevertheless, no complete explanation on the influence of genes in overweight and obesity state is provided as well as in the rapid increase of people s weight. Indeed, genes are unquestionably stable since the genes of our ancestors are still present in us.

What are really the causes of overweight? Why do people get fatter? Hard to explain but most obesity and nutritional experts agree that we are getting fatter because our easy access to foods, the food choices we make, and our physical activity patterns have all gone to the wrong direction. Our genes do not really make us fat, but because of what we inherited from our parents, we become susceptible to weight gain, in an environment where gaining weight is extremely as easy as ABC and 123.

Does Drinking Water Help to Lose Weight?  Some Answers

Does drinking water help to lose weight? This is a common question asked by people who badly want to lose weight. Those who have tried it arrive at a common conclusion – drinking water does help to lose weight and with the tremendous amount of water surrounding us, there is no doubt that anyone can lose weight by drinking water alone. You don t have to be defensive because if ever you are not drinking enough water, you are one of the millions or perhaps billions of people who actually don t, and because of this, many people have around extra pounds, and like you, they also could not stop asking the question does drinking water help to lose weight? If you think you ve done enough efforts but don t seem to get those extra pounds off, try turning into nature s most magical mineral. It really works and here s why.

Does drinking water help to lose weight? Yes because it aids regular metabolism. Metabolism is defined as the process by which the body handles different substances taken into the body. There are many types of metabolism and one of these is the fat metabolism or the process where the liver converts the stored fats to energy.

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Does drinking water help to lose weight? Of course it does! It does it by helping the body eliminate wastes and toxins that do not any good for the body, especially the unhealthy fats deposited around certain areas of the body such as belly, ankles, thighs, and hips.

Does drinking water help to lose weight? Yes because it is considered as the best beauty treatment. We ve heard this several times and it s true. Water does wonders for your looks by removing ugly features such as impurities and of course, ugly fats; thereby making you look younger and more beautiful.

Without a doubt, YES is the perfect answer to the question does drinking water help to lose weight because it aids in the improvement of muscle tone. It is possible to always exercise but muscles that lack water cannot be easily toned and contracted. Then again, supplying the muscles with enough water allows easy contraction and toning; thereby allowing you to see greater and more positive results from your exercises and workouts.

Hearing the different good things drinking water can give you, there is no doubt that you are already convinced on how water can really help you achieve your ideal weight. The next thing you might ask is how much to drink to achieve your dream weight. If your case is quite serious, then you ve got to drink more than 8 glasses of water in a day, but you have to make sure to drink water throughout the day and not a single time, because doing so is also not good for the health.

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